Established in 1967     ::     Accredited by NAAC    ::    Affiliated to Dibrugarh University   ::   Recommended by UGC as a Community College
Facilities :
Hostel for Girl Students :
The college has an RCC hostel for girls hailing from far-off places. Two-storied hostal has a capacity for 100 borders. Hostal accommodation with all the required amenities such as running water, uninterrupted power supply, sanitation etc. is provided at a very nominal fee.
College Library :
Amguri College Library is fully computerized and is enriched with more than 20000 text books. Besides, the library has subscribed to a number of periodicals including magazines, journals and newspapers of regional, national and international repute. The library is equipped with well furnished Reading Rooms for Teachers and Students along with facilities such as repography, book bank, information circulation board etc. The library has an integrated digital-cum-online interface. The students can borrow books from the library for specific period of time. For that purpose, they are issued with College Library Cards. Moreover, Book Bank facility is available for poor and meritorious students.

Digital Class Rooms :
Digital Classrooms with modern technology and smart education systems are available for the students where they can gather maximum knowledge within a short span of time. It comprises of Digital Boards, overhead LCD Projectors and Special Software Package and Internet connectivity. The digilal classrooms make the entire education environment more interactive, interesting and beneficial.
Language Laboratory :
Language Laboratory equipped with modern technology and teaching aids is opened up in the college with an endeavour to facilitate the students to learn English in a perfect way through proper pronouniation and spelling. The laboratory is purely digitized with White Board, LCD Projector, Audio-Visual Server and 15 terminals points.
Sports :

Special attantion is given to the sports environment of the college. The college has number of sports infrastructure including Basketball Court, Outdoor Stadium, Multi-Gymnasium Hall, Indoor Stadium (under construction). College Weeks are organised annually in the college premises.

Students' Common Room :
Common Rooms with required amenities like water supply, electricity, sanitation and furniture ara available separately for both boys and girls.
Auditorium :
An Auditorium with a well decorated stage and a sitting capacity for more than one thousand participants is available in the college. This Auditorium is used for organising various college functions including seminars, workshops, meetings, cultural shows etc.
Conference Hall :
The college has an air conditioned, well-equipped and well furnished Conference Hall with video-conferencing system and sitting capacity for 100 participants.
Halls and Rooms :
Several spacious Halls and Rooms are available for course classes. These halls and rooms have un-interrupted power supply. The building known as 'Guru Bhawan" built with MPLAD fund is specially used for Major (Honours) subject classes.
Drinking Water :
24 hours drinking water with cooling facility is available for both teachers and students
Sanitation :
Sanitation facility with adequate numbers of urinals and latrines are provided separately for teachers and students. Besides, there is separate provision for boys and girls.
Student Union Office :
Office for Student Union with computer facility is provided in the college for smooth running of various union activities.
College Canteen :
College Canteen is there for both the teachers and students.
Safety Measures :
For syudents' safety, personnel have been appointed in the college gate where entry and exit of outsiders are observed and recorded. Moreover, the college has boundary walls and the entire premises are under CCTV surveillance.
Health Care :
Health Camps are organized in the college occasionally for various health check-up. These services are provided free to teh teachers and students.
Information Resources :
Students have access to various information sources like College Notice Boards, Library Notice Boards and Departmental Notice Boards. Information is notified in due course of time by the concerned notification authority. Moreover, students have access to facilities like Internet with Wi-Fi connectivity for entire college campus.
Special Calss for H.S. Course Student :
Special Classes arranged for students of H.S. cOURSE DURING VACATION PERIOD.
Barrier Free Education :
The college has the provision for Barrier Free Education as per UGC direction.
Micro-Grouping of Students :
With an aim of giving special care, H.S. course students are grouped into micro units under individual teachers.
Extension Activities :
The extension activities performed by the college includes, among others -
i) NSS
ii) Social Service Wing of Students's Union.
iii) Economic Planning Forum Women Study Centres.
iv) Field Studies etc.
Other Healthy Practices :
The college has Eco-Club which performs various environment related activities for creating environmental awareness among the students.
Financial Assistance to Students:
Financial assistance is provided to poor and meritorious students. The assistance is provided both by the teachers and college authority. The eligible students are also entitled to post-matric scholarship for thr government. Very recently, two students of Amguri College have been selected for the award of Ishan Uday Scholarship of UGC for the sesion of 2014-15.
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