Established in 1967     ::     Accredited by NAAC    ::    Affiliated to Dibrugarh University   ::   Recommended by UGC as a Community College
A society rests on the value of education imparted by institutions in the mode of formal education. It ignites the minds of millions which not only acts as pillar of acquiring knowledge but also as medium of reforming the society. Amguri College was established with the aim of imparting higher education to a large number of poor, underprivileged and rural students belonging to Amguri and its neighborhood by spreading quality education among them. Along with the academic excellence, the institution emphasizes on integrity, democracy, cooperation and cultural sensitivity so that the students may serve to their best the society, the nation and the world. A common trend among the learners of the 21st century has been seen to migrate to other states rather than staying in Assam for employment security. Amguri College is introducing new career cum professional courses to prevent this brain drain. Recently, the college has been recommended by University Grants Commission as a Community College. As a fact, the advancement towards the newer heights to make our endeavors a practical one also increases our responsibilities. Amguri College is determined to leave no stone unturned in order to give the best to the students so that they can successfully compete in the global job market, leading to their professional establishments. The experienced faculty members provide the students due guidance, superintendence with respect to their education and also ensure that all the students of the college acquire and showcase morality and adhere to the principles of highest ethical standards. Moreover, the faculty members have utmost sense of obligations to enable the students in every field for the greater benefit of the society and thereby be able to contribute to the upliftment of the society as well. I cordially welcome all the young knowledge-seekers to be a part of the institution and thank the parents and guardians for choosing this college to get their wards admitted by reposing full confidence in us. Let me join the entire college community wishing success, joy and strengths to all the members of Amguri College.

Thank you all.
Dr. Ashfia Sultana
Principal and Secretary