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           The upward journey of a society pivots on its access to quality education rendered by institutions. In other words institutions of higher learning have been forever envisaged to cater knowledge-cum-information enriched education to the educational aspirants. Amguri College was established with that very vision in mind and till today it has been engrossed in that very mission by extending the light of education to all sections of the society including the poor, highly educated, underprivileged and downtrodden apart from the mainstreamers. Students have been strategically empowered to acquire knowledge expediently and to cherish the culture for seeking and exploring more and more knowledge and information. Having perceived the reality of facing impending exodus of students to urban areas in the search for quality education, the institution has remoulded and rediscovered itself by introducing professional courses so that the present generation obsessed with employability prospects can have their own choice of vocational courses from a platter of multiple courses. But while having been committed to the efficacious implementation of the same, the institution nonetheless has overlooked its mainstream teaching. Rather it has endeavoured its level best to enrich that to the highest possible level. All these have been made possible only through sheer dedication of faculty members who foster the sense of social, moral and ethical obligations in the soundest manner. It has been an inveterate vision of the college to manufacture quality students through curricular and co-curricular enrichment. Having said so, I cordially welcome all the young knowledge-aspirants to be a part of the institution and express my sincere gratitude to the parents and guardians for choosing this college. Let me join hands with the entire college community in its journey of endeavouring the level best for the universal upliftment.

Dr. Ashfia Sultana
Amguri College, Amguri.